AutoCAD Aviation Planning and Design Training Manual
for Users Who Desire to Acquire Airfield Planning and Design Skills

IRVINE, California, May 2nd 2024 –AutoCAD Aviation Planning and Design Training Manual: Two-Dimensional Airfield Layoutis a self-paced training manual that is part of a series of tutorials intended to be used by new and current AutoCAD users who desire to acquire airfield planning and design skills. The first volume will teach users how to draw an airfield layout in 2D to accommodate aircraft as long and wide as the Boeing 747-800 and the Airbus A 380 according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. Drafting techniques introduced in this manual can be used to create any layout for any other critical aircraft of any size and characteristics. The content covered in this manual represents one set of techniques to create a specific layout. Readers may be aware of or discover alternative ways to achieve a similar result. The ultimate goal is to enable readers to perform all tasks as accurately and efficiently as possible and to always strive to enhance their skills. Users can use similar airfield planning methodologies to create layouts for other civil and military airfields as long as they have access to the relevant planning and design standards. AutoCAD drafting techniques covered in this manual are transferable to other industries and can be used to create other layouts, including roadways.

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Reviews and Words of Praise
As a co-founder and creator of the first airport design CAD based program centered on FAA standards at Florida Tech, I am delighted that one of my former top mentees has created this excellent tutorial that creatively outlines and teaches the integration of CAD into the airport design process. Thierry is an exceptional airport planner and this book is a reflection of his experience which will assist current and future airport planners in understanding and being able to use the CAD platform to efficiently design various airside, terminal and landside airport components.
--Fin B. Bonset, CM, ACE, ENV SP, National Planning Director, McFarland Johnson

Thierry is an expert in airport planning and design. Along with an extensive background in AutoCAD, this guide showcases his ability to give detailed steps in the basics of aviation design and functions of the program. I highly recommend his expertise for those looking to pursue a career in aviation.
--Zheantezsa Guizar, Design Engineer, SPEC Services

I worked side by side with Thierry in his early days as an aviation planner and always appreciated his eagerness to learn. As his early mentor in the AutoCAD arena, I found him to be one of the best “students” I have ever worked with. When he asked me if I would provide an acknowledgment for this instructional guide I was honored.
Thierry has worked around the world with many extraordinary CAD users and has learned much along his journey. I hope that this guide will empower others to be able to take their ideas and quickly and easily put them on paper and to learn from the experiences that Thierry has accumulated and provided in this instructional work.
--Robert Endres, Managing Consultant / Global CAD Software Specialist, Landrum & Brown

About the Author

Thierry Sarr has over 15 years of experience in aviation, planning, design, management, and technical training. He is the founder IDTS Consulting LLC, Chief Executive Officer of Airport Planning Solutions LLC, and a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives. Throughout his international career, Thierry has worked in both the public and private sectors as a consultant, owner representative, and public official. Thierry played key roles in delivering complex multi-billion-dollar major capital improvement programs in both in the United States and globally. Thierry graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology--College of Aeronautics and, was also selected as a member of The 2021 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40 Aviation Professionals. Thierry has also won multiple industry awards including the 2018 Airports Consultants Council--Young Professionals Innovation Competition First Place Award, and a 2016 Black Engineer of the Year Special Recognition Award. Furthermore, he is an inventor, and has a passion for technology and innovation.

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